Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tales from summer in Michigan...

On the Road in Michigan...
(It’s June 7th, but this was written a week ago up in Michigan) 
As I write this, several days past my last post. With the arrival of “summer,” obligations to open the cottage in Michigan and get things settled have taken most of our time. Fortunately, the place is in good shape, the boat runs well, and the fresh paint on the front porch really makes a difference. Now, if we could get some consistently good weather so we could enjoy things all the more, we’d be truly thrilled! But that’s something out of our control, so we’ll take what we get; it is what it is. If that isn’t being stoic, I don’t know what else I can write.

I do miss having my Internet access at my fingertips, but a few trips into the little coffee shop a few times a week will allow me to check e-mail and post these Blog “thoughts.” It’s sad that the area has succumbed to the same economic woes that are eating away at so much of the rest of the country. In my initial journeys around the old, familiar spots here, I’ve noticed that many businesses and other resort-like ventures have closed down or simply disappeared. We keep hearing about how things are on an “upswing,” but it would appear that the situation is only getting worse. Unemployment has led to the staggering downfall of the economic base--particularly in small towns such as this part of Michigan. Very sad! 

This being Friday, the “weekend warriors” will begin to arrive later this afternoon. I love it here during the week when the lake is quiet, for the most part, and the peaceful tranquility of the whole place is evident. Weekends aren’t bad, though, as it’s good to have fun with the other “guests,” especially when we get those sunny, warm, this-is-summer kinds of days! Can’t wait, although I’m not sure that will be the case around here today. But it is what it is. That’s the road I trod today…MLA

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