Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Dark & Stormy Night...

After a terrific weekend of wonderful weather, we're back in the realm of tornado warnings, watches, and severe thunderstorm alerts! My heart goes out to the folks in Joplin, Missouri, who probably felt as though that wacko's prediction of the world coming to an end had, in fact, come true. What devastation!

At any rate, we accomplished so much these last two days. Traveled to Michigan early yesterday and managed to get the pier put in. Thanks to Josh, John, Laura, and Matthew for making it all possible. Then it was a nice evening with friends, sharing many laughs over pizza. Up early this morning and back to the lake where the missus and I scraped and painted the front porch. Now, it looks great and ready for occupancy this coming Friday. 

A busy week ahead preparing for move-in on Friday. With so much ahead, and my being very tired right now, I'll close this and get some sleep. Outside, the rain continues to fall, lightning steaks here and there, and rumbles of thunder sound every now and then. Oh, these dark and storm riddled nights!

A busy road to travel this week...MLA

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  1. Wish we get some rain down here, the idiot weatherguy still grins about all the sunny weather except that we are under our yearly rain total.