Sunday, January 23, 2011

No Road to the Superbowl and other thoughts...

The road I’m on right now…
It’s a cold and dark Sunday night…and the football season is over! Perhaps it’s better for the Bears to have embarrassed themselves in this game rather than in the Superbowl. We hope that most of the current crop of players will be gone before the opening kickoff next year. We can only hope! No doubt about it, though, Green Bay is good--so good that a team cannot give them 14 points before the crowd has settled in for the day. But, as they say, that’s the name of that tune. In the words of Ed O’Bradovich: “The difference makers weren’t there.”  And we won't depress ourselves further by dwelling on the nationally televised hockey game between the Blackhawks and the Flyers.  ‘nuff said.

The best thing about the afternoon was our “healthy crock pot chili.” It’s made with fresh chicken, peppers, black beans, creamed corn, among other things. Very smooth and warming on a cold day such as this was. Anyone wanting the recipe, just let us know via e-mail. 

Despite the sports results, It was a nice weekend here in DeKalb County. Single-digit temperatures have been with us overnights all weekend, and the high today was around 20°. At the moment, it’s 17°. So now, it’s time to get things planned out for the upcoming week. 

We have several chapters to rewrite and edit as we proceed on our current work-in-progress. We’re still debating just how we want the new story (the sequel) to the first book to start out. We know that chapter 1 will require a major rewrite, but for now the goal is to get things written and re-shape it later. So going into summer, we hope to have a very rough draft of the book ready to work on during the summer up in Michigan.

Speaking of Michigan, we’ll be making the annual pilgrimage there  around May 27. The pontoon boat and cold drinks sound awfully good right about now on this late January evening--something to keep us putting one foot in front of the other and moving right on through winter. Can’t wait!

Not sure where tomorrow’s road will lead, but it’s sure to take us somewhere that will make for an interesting discussion and comment right here. Until then, we travel on...


  1. I don't follow football but my husband disappeared this afternoon to watch the game. I think there's about a two week break between Super Bowl weekend and the start of Nascar. Oh, well; keeps him out of trouble. ;-)

    Stay warm!

  2. Sounds like the rest of us--despite the games' outcomes! I'm also looking foward to the start of NASCAR season once more. :)