Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Heart of Summer

Where has June gone?
Hard to believe that we’re on the doorstep of another 4th of July, but time does, indeed, keep rollin’ right along! The bevy of holiday revelers will begin arriving here tonight but mostly tomorrow afternoon and evening, and my tranquility will be shoved rudely aside and the yo-yo's who stopped along the way to patronize the many fireworks stores will begin their ceaseless assault on our senses for the next several days. It goes with the territory around here. I’m truly thankful that our little Casey won’t have to be here to suffer through the booms, cracks, and pops at all hours--day and night!

Weather-wise, it’s been wonderful since last weekend. The stuff of summer, I like to say. A sweatshirt in the morning--and in the evening--has been the rule, and I rather like it that way. The air has been clear and light, and the waters of the lake have sparkled most invitingly. I’ve enjoyed several pleasant “cruises” and tours of the lake the last few days, listening to the various tunes shuffling about on my iPod Nano. 

I Have enjoyed the quiet this week and have finished a wonderful book by the late David Halberstam titled The Fifties. Well over seven hundred pages, it is a very comprehensive “report” about the decade that is largely passed off as one where nothing much was accomplished. I particularly enjoyed it since I am a certified “product” of that decade (born in 1950). The book, published in 1992, deals with so many critical items about American culture in an interesting way. For anyone who enjoys history, I would encourage him or her to locate this large book at your library and immerse themselves in a tour “back in time.”

I’m making the run into the little coffee shop where I can connect and check my e-mail, something that is long overdue. Will post this at that time. Then, it’s back here to do some cottage cleaning so it’s in good stead for Josh, Sarah, and the grandsons when they arrive tomorrow evening. Carolyn will be up after work on Saturday. The annual picnic is set for Saturday, so the place will be alive with the “usual suspects” and other interlopers of various degrees and pedigrees!  Good food, drink, and fun will be the order of this weekend. Can’t wait! If we could just do something about those yo-yo's!

Have a safe and happy 4th, everyone! Until next time, that’s all there is along this road…MLA

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