Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Home again...

Back amongst the cornfields!
I've left Michigan for a few days and am home to catch up on those "things" such as laundry, yard work, garage cleaning, and Internet access! It's very strange to be without access at the cottage, yet I've rather enjoyed being "away" from the hustle and bustle that is e-mail several times daily. It would be nice, though, not to have to wait quite so long between updates and blog posting. There is a little coffee shop nearby that offers free Wi-Fi, but I'm not so inclined to head in there daily--although the atmosphere is quite attractive! It's been fine getting lots of reading done, more walking in, and pontooning around the lake. 

I have been rather lax in getting back into the writing "mode," but I'm thinking that the wheels will be set in motion after this weekend. I've some ideas "cooking" for my current Work-in-Progress, and I'm certain that they will begin to take shape soon. 

Hey, it's my first NASCAR race!
The weather was much better this past week, and the annual "Race Weekend" gathering of the intrepid Michigan International Speedway "goers" turned out just fine. Our five-year-old grandson made his inaugural trip to M.I.S. with us on Sunday, and he thoroughly enjoyed all of the frivolity. We tried hard to get his driver, Carl Edwards, to Victory Lane, but maybe next time we can pull it off. I have some wonderful photos taken throughout the long day of tailgating--pre- and post-race. Pictured here is Jackson, enjoying one of many cold root beers for the day. What a day it was!

I now hear the plaintive cry of the dryer, signaling that the final load is ready to be folded and put back into the basket for the return trip to our cottage in Michigan on Thursday. These are the wonderful times of summer (which officially arrived this afternoon). The road leads onward...MLA

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