Friday, July 8, 2011

The Road Leads to Summer Fun...

Life at the lake…
It’s Friday, which means that the “Weekend Warriors” will be filtering back in during the course of the day. Many were up here for the week, spending post-4th of July vacation time, but those who had to leave after last weekend’s festivities, will be back in force today. At the moment as I write this, the lake is calm and glassy, bathed in sunshine with blue skies high overhead. The sounds of mowers and other lawn “tools” comes from across the lake breaking an otherwise still and peaceful morning.  

Happy to report that all is well here in Michigan! The string of sunny and pleasant days--and nights--has been greatly appreciated. The pontoon remained uncovered for several days and will be uncovered later this afternoon to start the weekend. No “visitors” (friends or relatives!) this weekend, so it will be a bit less hectic around here.

Will head for home next Tuesday for a two-day stay (as before) to catch-up on home chores and other duties. Will get the grass trimmed, edged, and mowed and supplies and various groceries for the upcoming week procured. Will resume with “guests” the next few weeks, but we’re looking forward to it very much. We hope the current weather pattern holds right on through to August.

I have spent many hours enjoying reading this summer. Just finished a short and “warming” story that I found in a wonderful used bookstore yesterday up in South Haven. It’s by David Baldacci (one of my favorites!) titled The Christmas Train. Despite it being nowhere close to Christmas, the story was wonderful just the same. I think I needed a story such as that after so much historical non-fiction--especially the new one by Erik Larson titled In the Garden of Beasts, a telling of the beginnings of Hitler’s taking control of Germany and the start of the atrocities that would become infamy! 

I still have my cottage bookshelves pretty full of books I’ll get to before summer’s end. Now, however, I must get back to a daily schedule of serious--disciplined--work on my next book. I hate to keep pulling out the “Scarlett O’Hara” excuse and putting it off ’till tomorrow, so I’ll not dwell on that too much here. Just sitting at the computer, in my wonderful cottage overlooking the waters of the lake below, I feel energized and ready to get back to it. With that, the challenge is on!

For me at this moment, it’s time to clean up, get dressed, and head on into the little coffee shop where I can post this, check my e-mail, and catch-up with the “outside” world. So the road I travel today is full and delightful…MLA

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