Monday, May 16, 2011

The Plug is Pulled!

OK, enough is enough! I recently learned that a show the missus and I have really enjoyed this season, Chicago Code, is not returning to Fox next season! It reminds me of CBS pulling the plug on another show, The Unit, a few years back, seemingly out of the clear blue sky. Since I don't have a long and intensive list of shows I really "must" see each week, it's annoying and frustrating when one of the few I truly like is yanked off the air! At my age, I'm no longer naive in thinking that writing angry letters to the folks in charge (whoever they may be) and pleading to bring back the show has any chance of accomplishing anything. 

And I understand those things called ratings and time slots and the almighty advertising dollars involved. However, whatever the reasons are for canceling  Chicago Code, I would have still thought maybe those in charge would have tried another night and/or time slot--as they so often do with other new shows. For whatever reasons, it just seems a rather quick and sudden "death sentence" without giving it another chance to grow an audience--just like they did with The Unit

Since I am not familiar with the competition the show is up against on Monday evening, I can't compare things along those lines. Perhaps those silly and insipid "Everyone's Got Talent-Dance Your Asses Off-Celebrity Jag Bag of the Week" programs that have swept the nation are the main competition. And who can ever win being opposite one of them? Even worse, though, would be shows that have a "laugh track!" I've always felt that anyone watching shows that need to have the fake audience laughing in all of the appropriate spots are rather dull and dense and otherwise insipid--like the shows themselves!

Perhaps what makes Chicago Code so real and good (in my eyes) is that the writing has captured, for the most part, the tone, attitude, and constant underlying political corruption that is Chicago--"the city that works!"  And the cast was strong and believable, something not always established in weekly drama series. The photography was outstanding, having captured so many great shots of all parts of the city--the beautiful as well as the seedy.

The season (and series) finale is one week from tonight. I will be watching with great interest how the story line is concluded and thinking--wistfully--just what might have been for next season. Is there anyone out there who can give this promising show a reprieve--a stay of execution? If so, please step up. Down the road we travel...MLA

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