Friday, January 21, 2011

The "Big Game" is coming...

Friday night. Cold and quiet around here. All of the news channels have been talking about the Bears game Sunday against Green Bay. Right now, it's -1° outside, but it's supposed to warm up to around 20° on Sunday. That should be a relief to all of the fans heading down there--especially those intrepid tailgaters (God love 'em!) who'll show up at first light and get the grills fired up, the coolers opened for business, and the Bears' spirit soaring into the chilled atmosphere! Wish I could be there to uncork a cold Busch Light as the "proceedings" get going and the banter volleys back and forth between Bears and Packer fans. Ah, yes that's what it's all about...

Instead, I'll come home from church, change clothes, flip on the gas fireplace, uncork a celebratory Busch Light and enjoy the "Game of all Games" right here in front of my 47-inch LG, high-def TV, hoping that the Bears play a game where they have a chance to win it--and a trip to the Superbowl--in the last seconds on the foot of Robbie Gould. If not, we'll just turn it off, mumble a few expletives, and move on to something else--all dreams of the Bears in a Superbowl a thing of the past. 

I can't help but think of the same feelings I had when the White Sox surprisingly made it to the World Series back in 2005.  Once they got there, I could only remember all of the games they had blown leads, falter down the stretch, and came up short in the long run. But, they exceeded all expectations and ended up winning it all. And can the Bears pull that same nugget of magic out of their hats?

Most "experts" have the Bears about a 4-point underdog going into the game. I guess we'll all find out early Sunday evening. Whatever the case...Go Bears!

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