Saturday, January 22, 2011

50/50 Saturday...

As we all prepare ourselves for what everyone seems to think is the "game to end all games" (Bears vs. Packers), there are still a few of us here who have rooting interests in a couple of other organizations. Specifically, Illinois basketball and the reigning Stanley Cup champs, Chicago Blackhawks! It was wonderful to have them both on early today, but the Illini performance came up way short of what they were in a position to do: Knock off the number one team in the nation--Ohio State. Up by seven with less than ten minutes to play, the Illini proceeded to forget how to score, how to take advantage of the home court and a frenzied crowd that was as loud as one could imagine, and totally forgot about that sense of urgency needed today! Suffice it to say that they lost the game as a result, and their coach was as baffled as ever as to how it could have happened. I don't know about all the other Illinois baskeball fans, but I've grown weary trying to believe in this team year after year. It seems that it's always "same script, different year!"

On the other hand, the Blackhawks continued their resurgence with a nice win over the Detroit Red Wings in Detroit, 4-1. It was a soothing thing to watch the Hawks skate hard and fast, make crisp passes, and play physically all the way through three periods. Of course, it's always nice to beat those "Dead Things" any time, any place, but today's victory was all the more satisfying in light of the Illinois loss, which concluded just as the hockey game was beginning. So thank you, Blackhawks! Let's hope that this Blackhawk win, and not the Illinois game, portends things to come for the Bears tomorrow! At this juncture, though, I'm really not sure what to expect. See you tomorrow...GO BEARS!

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