Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Quiet Winter's Day...

A Gray Afternoon...
Woke this morning to an inch or so of snow. Nothing too much to be concerned with, but it did feel good to get out with the shovel and clean the driveway and the sidewalks. Have the Christmas lights all on and will go around inside and throw the switches for the tree, mantle lights, little Christmas trees near the front door, and it will look Christmas-y!

One of those days today where not much was going on, and I even left the truck in the garage. No place to go, really, and no urgent errands to take care of. Watched a little basketball and hockey earlier and getting ready to watch the Fighting Illini basketball game vs. UNLV. 

No writing today--other than this quick post--but I am pleased with the amount of work I accomplished the last couple of days. The story has taken a direction I hadn't planned on, but I think it will work for a short story. The character, an older guy whose life took many near-tragic turns, is becoming one I'm growing more interested in. Will see how that continues to develop. More work on the project Monday.

Stay tuned...MLA

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  1. Heading south to Florida in a week for the sun and warmth but its been above average around here in South Carolina as far as temperatures go.

    Been working on a couple of stories myself but just not feeling it right now.