Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Winter Saturday Morning...

Back in order...
Glad to report that "all's well that ends well" (thanks, Mr. Shakespeare!) as the saga of the soggy carpet has reached its conclusion. As last noted here in Thursday's post, the carpet installers came on Thursday morning and worked their "magic" in less than two-hours, using very little new carpet as replacement. In their words: "It wasn't as bad as it was made out to be." This was music to my ears as we had been expecting to have to pay much more for the materials and the labor. And the two guys did an outstanding job, thus allowing for the hollow feelings in our stomachs and the persistent headaches to vanish! Thanks.  Anyone needing excellent carpet and service, let me know. I would recommend this company right off. (Incidentally, the photo is showing the back of our humble abode. My "window to the world" is the first set of windows on the left-hand side on the upper level.)

The Writing Life...
With the basement problem resolved, I was able to resume work on Chapter Ten of my WIP, realizing that most of it needs to be re-written. That is where I am right now as new ideas for the characters and plot line have cropped up. Fortunately, I'm not on any timetable but am shooting for an end-of-May deadline for a rough draft of the novel. That way, I'll have the summer to revise, edit, rewrite, and polish the manuscript for an autumn publishing date.

I have been hearing and reading much lately about ebooks. Not having delved into that realm at all, I'm just beginning to understand the concept, etc. However, I still have much to learn if I plan to e-Publish the next novel along with the standard "book" format. I have hooked up with some other writers who are also working in this platform, and I'm hoping to learn lots from them. I believe that even an "old salt" such as myself can still fathom the technology and the current "cutting edge" trends of publishing. We shall see. 

Today I won't get any writing done as I have places to go and people to see. Meeting up with several of our summer "lake" friends in northwest Indiana for dinner. Will be good to see them and have a few laughs as we remember last summer and get ready for the upcoming season. As I gleefully watch February make its exit, I realize that there are not that many weeks remaining until "move-in" day up there in Michigan. Just thinking about that has already made this winter Saturday a good one! And that's a road I won't mind traveling...MLA

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