Sunday, February 6, 2011

No sunshine--another perfect day to write...

When I woke up this morning and glanced out my window, I was treated to one more view of this white stuff that seems to be the order of the day--and weeks! A soft blanket of snow had fallen sometime during the night, and I knew that it wouldn't be much of a challenge to clear it away from the driveway and the sidewalk leading up to our porch. Unlike the stuff that swarmed in here late Tuesday and early Wednesday, which proved to be a real challenge to get through with the snow thrower, today's "arrival" was just there, light and fluffy. In fact, once I went outside and fired up the trusty John Deere, it was a rather quick job, and we had our clear driveway back once more!

But the thing I really like about today is there has been absolutely no sunshine glaring away and making things much too bright. Sunshine belongs to summer days and spring days when colors are fully technicolor specials. And there's nothing better than the warmth of the sun on a cool, crisp autumn day when leaves are cloaked in rust and gold adornments. So, I have nary a qualm on winter days, especially after a snowfall, when the sun is missing. For whatever reason, I love the drab grayness of the scene outside, which I observe from my writing desk. I'm much more inspired to get my "writing work" completed for the day and am inspired to, perhaps, do even more than that! With a wonderful mix of tunes on my iPod, providing a wonderful soundtrack to this Sunday, I revise, rewrite, and further edit the first three chapters of my story. Is it any good? I think it can be. All I  know is that  writing is way better on a day such as this! Stay away, sunshine. You're welcome back later on! 

Another road to travel soon...MLA

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