Saturday, January 15, 2011

Saturday Thoughts

Life in northern Illinois at this time of year can be a real challenge. But, then again, life in northern Illinois at any time of year can be a real challenge! What am I talking about here? Aside from the cold weather that seems to set in and literally hang around for days--usually right up until the end of February--there are the little "residuals" that go right along with it. For instance, after a certain amount of snowfall, followed by a period of calm and quiet, comes the blowing winds that quickly turn the rural roads into treacherous entities, drifted over like arid deserts of white stuff! And with budget crises ruling the state now, and resources tight and manpower on a shoestring, those thoroughfares remain uncleared and mostly impassable. However, when the roads and streets eventually do receive attention, so much salt and other chemicals are poured out in glutinous amounts, and one can only imagine the results on our vehicles over a period of time. Of course, it's good for the carwash business! But, as I like to remind fellow "complainers": Tough it out! Spring isn't all that far away...and then we can complain about the weeds in our lawns and the lack of rain! There's always something, it seems. But that's what makes up the wonderful fabric of life.

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