Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Dilemma...

Woke up a short while ago, after going to bed very early last night, to hear a weather forecast that is calling for--perhaps--a foot of snow on Wednesday for our area. That in itself doesn't bother me, but the fact that we're setting out for Ohio later today and planning to return on Wednesday does concern me just a mite! Now...should we cancel the trip altogether, thus disappointing my mom, very much looking forward to our brief visit, or should we plan to shorten the trip and head home a day early (Tuesday) and beat the impending storm? 

At the moment, our thinking is to go ahead as planned, leaving this afternoon (Sunday), keeping a close watch on the developing weather forecast for the next few days, and "heading for home" as needed. We don't want to pass up the trip, nor do we want to get "stranded" on the other side of the thing. The way forecasts--and the folks who make them--are so constantly changing, we might be best to ignore them all completely! Whatever the case, our dilemma is certainly one that will unfold along another interesting road leading somewhere.

Just thinking last night about how much I always loved the books and movie adaptations of Alistair MacLean as I watched (for the millionth time) Where Eagles Dare. After my sojourn east later this week, I'll write about the importance of those stories in my development and attitude of writing my own stuff. See you down that road...MLA.

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