Monday, January 31, 2011

The blizzard is coming...

Well, here it is! We’re hours away from the “armageddon” that is the impending blizzard that has been the focus of every weather and news person’s reporting the last several days, and I am anxious to see if any of it materializes. All too often, they get everyone all worked up and scurrying out to the stores to re-stock on bread and other “necessities” (beer!), and then when it all fizzles out short of their bold predictions, they fumble about for words trying to explain it all away. According to their models, charts, and other fancy-schmancy prognosticating instruments, our section of Illinois is supposed to get hit pretty hard beginning tomorrow afternoon on through Wednesday. We shall see. I’ll be writing about things as they do--or don’t--develop as predicted.

Left Illinois yesterday at 12:30 p.m. and drove to Ohio with plans to spend a few days there visiting Mom and sisters. Heard the weather forecast regarding the impending snow and blizzard warnings beginning tomorrow and felt it better to get home before being faced with the obstacles of weather. So we did a quick exit this morning and got back home this afternoon. Now, we await whatever may come our way.

Tonight…Have the iPod on “shuffle” and enjoying an eclectic mix of Harry Chapin, Alan Jackson, Natalie Cole, John Prine/Iris Demint, 100 Strings, Beatles, Brad Paisley, etc. Couldn’t have mixed it up any better had I tried! 

Have some thoughts to share about one of my favorite authors in a post tomorrow. So as I watch the storms come at us tomorrow, I’ll write some things about Alistair MacLean. Down that road we shall go. Stay safe…MLA

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