Thursday, July 5, 2012

Weather...or not!

Seems as though everyone is suffering from record-breaking, triple-digit temperatures this week, and we're all hoping for some relief by the weekend. Writing this from our screened porch along the shores of Magician Lake in Michigan, I'm hot and sticky, true, but I'm not completely worn out. My t-shirt is still damp following my hour-long "float" in the lake a while ago. It's 9:40 in the evening, and it's not all that bad, relatively speaking. 

All day long, as the good wife and I made our way back to Michigan from an overnight Fourth of July visit to Ohio, the thermometer on the dashboard was consistently right around--sometimes over--100°! She decided that it would be too much for her, so she headed for our home in Illinois shortly after we reached the cottage. I said I was going to "tough it out," and here I am.

The dark of the night is now descending, and the quiet of the resort is settling in. Many folks on this end are not here, so it's just me tonight. The lake is still busy with pontoons making their way out and about for evening cruises. I will sip some ice water, grab a glass of iced tea soon thereafter, and settle in for a quiet time. This is, indeed, summertime! Hot weather is merely a state of mind...MLA

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