Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Race Weekend and Other Good Summer Stuff...

Well, here it is, another summer day on the shores of a lake “up there” in Michigan. We’ve experienced two days of persistent winds, rising temperatures, and lots of sunshine. At this writing, though, it’s rather pleasant right here on the front porch. If these persistent winds decide to stop, however, it could be quite sticky and uncomfortable as the day wears on. For now, I’ll simply enjoy the persistence of the wind and hope it decides to hang around for another day or so!

Yesterday was “R and R” around here as the Race Weekend crowd was gone and the cottage could once more catch its breath. Ten people here in this little cottage sometimes make for “tight squeezes” here and there, but the weekend always seems to come off without any problems or other hitches.

Each year at this time, our group gathers here, beginning Thursday afternoon, for a trek over to Michigan International Speedway, just a little over two hours from here, for the NASCAR Sprint Cup race on Sunday. The days prior to Sunday’s early-morning journey to the track are filled with activities which include basking and frolicking in the lake, cruising on the pontoon, pulling the grandson (and any other brave souls) around on a tube, cooking out, and sitting in comfortable plastic chairs outside, having ongoing discussions of high intelligence—fueled by a few icy beverages!

Somehow we all manage to get to bed Saturday night very early so we can roll out by 4:30 Sunday morning. We arrived at the track right around 7 a.m. and ended up with an ideal parking spot in Lot 3 very near the entrance. The fun began with the routine of setting up and getting ready for a delicious breakfast. It didn't take long for the expected rain to roll in and threaten to alter everyone's plans for the race, but only a two-hour delay was the result, and the rest of the afternoon and race were in harmony. The weekend was good, from beginning to end, and as the saying goes: "All's well that ends well!"

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