Monday, February 6, 2012

Give Me the Gray, Dismal Day!

An "inspiring" kind of atmosphere

I seem to write about this topic frequently in my blogs, and I suppose it's because I am one of those who is heavily influenced by different kinds of weather. On those winter days, when the sun wastes no time in rising brightly and staying with us the whole day, I am less motivated to sit inside at my writing desk and focus on my current writing project(s). Instead, I'll take the gloom and dreariness of a cloudless, sunless day, with some kind of precipitation thrown in for good measure.

For whatever reason, I have always been more productive--in school as a kid or, later, as a classroom teacher--and now in my retirement as a writer when the weather has been quite miserable. The outside atmosphere doesn't really cause me to write only about sad and desolate things, but I simply feel more inspired to get into the art of writing when the day is devoid of blue skies and puffy white, lazy clouds.

Now, I think I'll enjoy the remainder of this gray, chilly day and get some writing accomplished!

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