Thursday, January 5, 2012

Here we go...Cleaning up those "leftovers"

Good day, intrepid reader! Now that all of those end-of-the-year thoughts are neatly tucked away in the time capsule of bygone memories, it's on with all things new. Just what that will entail is all part of the mysterious adventure we embark upon every morning when we crawl out of bed, make the coffee, pick the newspaper up from the cold driveway, and think about what it is we want--or need--to do on this day.

I was thinking about this very thing as 2011 wound down and 2012 came gliding in, almost unseen. I asked myself: Did I get done with everything that needed to be done last year? Unfortunately, the answer to that is a resounding NO! So I'm still cleaning up "leftovers" from 2012 (finishing my second book, getting in better shape/dropping some weight, etc., etc.) In short: I was a bit incomplete in reaching the few resolutions I'd set for 2011. Seems like I'm always cleaning up "leftovers!" And the beginning of 2012 will certainly be no different.

Thoughts for this Thursday are all over the place it seems. It's another brilliantly clear and sunshine-filled day. It’s as though we are in some kind of weather anomaly, stuck on “hold,” but no one seems too upset about the lack of snow, ice, sub-zero temperatures and all else that goes with them. I, personally, would prefer a gray and dreary day every now and then, which I've mentioned a few times in past posts, but that’s just me. I find it difficult to remain at work in my writing room for any stretch of time when I feel as though I should be “out and about,” doing all kinds of things other than plodding away at the mighty MacBook! Since I can't be in two places at once, I just have to make a decision and prioritize--something important for 2012--and get on with what needs my attention most. 

We purchased a treadmill, and I'm currently awaiting a call from the delivery/installer person, and I'm looking forward to putting it to good use. I know, this has happened before. I get all fired-up initially about a workout program, and it goes well for a while, and I stay dedicated and disciplined. Then, for whatever reason(s), I fall away from that dedication, and the machine sits silent and idle. We've both promised ourselves: "Not this time!" We shall see as down that road we journey. And so it goes...MLA

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