Sunday, April 10, 2011


My friend...
After nearly thirteen full years, our little dog, Casey, reached the end of the road on Friday. Victim of old age, kidney disease, and various other "maladies," she knew it was "time." With grace and dignity, she said farewell, but not before she and I got in one last walk through the park and out the lane to the water tower!

In my mind I retrace every precious step of that walk last Friday morning. I remember every one of her zigs and zags, her nose working a mile a minute with the wonderful fresh spring smells that she always enjoyed. 

And on this beautiful, sunny Sunday morning, I sip my coffee on the deck and look far out the lane thinking I might just spot her padding happily to and fro, delighted to be out there where she is the happiest! I look to her favorite spot by our sliding door where she basks peacefully in the warmth of the sunshine, every now and then glancing up and out at something only she can see.

The morning is so full of new life, yet so void of many precious moments shared with a true friend and pal who will forever be there for me. I long for one more walk out there, dear friend! God bless my little Casey!


  1. Mark, I'm so sorry. We've had several dogs, every one loved more than we thought possible. She's probably having a great game of tag up there with our dogs.

  2. Thank you, Liz. I know all the wonderful dogs are having it pretty good right now! Miss 'em...