Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday's "Heat Wave" and mentally overpowering winter...

It's almost 3 p.m. and it's 38° right now here in beautiful downtown northern Illinois!

Yes, the weather forecast is calling for very favorable conditions all week long. Thus, perhaps we'll lose a lot of this piled-up snow that has smothered us for the past few weeks. Right now, I can actually see a growing bare spot, with lots of grass peeking through, in my back yard right now. Our dog, Casey, is pleasantly surprised to go out and find a "spot" where she can do her "thing" in more comfort than the tundra of the deep snow offers! I even swept the garage floor a little while ago and then pulled the green, plastic lawn chair out of its winter hiatus and sat in the wonderful sunshine for a time. Could have stayed longer and sipped a few beers, but we have some company coming here in about an hour for dinner. I figured now would be a good time to get a post up since I haven't done so at all this weekend. I've included another photo of good summer fun. This time it's with my oldest grandson, Jack. Matthew was the "star" of the last post.

We're all beginning to get that feeling of "come on, summer, get here soon!" I just tell everyone that it's all a matter of putting the days and weeks and months into their proper perspective. For example, we're halfway through February, and we're going to have a week (at least) of moderate weather. Then, March will creep on in, and we seem to be very busy during that month with various activities and other family "goings-on." A couple of short trips to Ohio are in the plans as well. With all of those things, it moves us much closer to April, and everyone knows all about the good things that spring brings! It's the start of another Major League Baseball season, and I can begin another "journey" with my White Sox and probably get my hopes up way to high!  

Just writing this now, I'm ready to go down to the basement and pull out my Eddie Bauer bag and pack it up for the summer stay at the cottage in Michigan! But there I go again, jumping ahead of things just a bit too much. I guess I'll have to settle for that widening patch in the back yard for now...

See you down the next road...MLA

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