Friday, January 28, 2011

A trip in the "wee hours"...Is the coffee ready?

It will be a short time at the old MacBook keyboard tonight as we have to get some sleep in order to arise (that's a stretch!) at 3 a.m. so we can drive my son and his wife and our two grandsons to Midway Airport for their week-long vacation to Disney World! At the moment, weather isn't an issue, but not long ago we heard a weather report calling for drizzle and freezing rain after midnight, which will make for some lovely motoring! And the fact that it's about a sixty-mile trip from here, it could be an adventure. So we're keeping our fingers crossed that the weather folks will be wrong (as they often are) and the roads will be dry, clear, and devoid of much traffic. Before checking out, though, we must get the Cuisinart coffee machine set up--we refuse to set out without that hot brew! And, perhaps, we'll have time to hit a Dunkin Donuts store on the way. Always love to have a "healthy" snack with which to travel in the "wee hours."

We had planned to write about a few of our other pet peeves in regards to language usage, but we'll pick that up tomorrow afternoon after our early morning "delivery" is complete. Lots to do tomorrow as we're leaving Sunday afternoon for a trip to Ohio to see family. Again, we're hoping for decent weather. All of you out there who are praying for snow: STOP! (think we're borrowing a phrase we heard from someone in New York when speaking about the continuous snow storms there). 
And so we'll save our thoughts about "Bring" and "Take" until tomorrow. Looking forward to going down that road...see you there...MLA

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