Monday, January 24, 2011

The sun still shineth, Bears...and thoughts on annoying language

Today’s road thoughts…
It’s a regular “heat wave” out there this morning! 20° and foggy. A great day to work on the writing project. Got my exercise a while ago out cleaning off the dusting of snow that sneaked in during the wee hours this morning! And although there is no sunshine this morning, I’m sure that somewhere, up there in the heavens, it’s still shining away, despite the Bears elimination from the Superbowl sweepstakes. Let’s face it, they reached where they were—not because they were that good—but with a “little bit of bloomin’ luck.” (If I may quote Alfred P. Doolittle!) And so we’ll put that topic to rest now.
Something that has been annoying me of late is the use of certain phrases or clichés that need to be stricken from our vernacular. There are many of them, but for today, I’ll mention two:
Ø  Throw someone “under the bus”-Why this has become such a favorite, is beyond me.
Ø   “Less” and “Fewer”-I hear so many people use “less” when “fewer” is called for. Example: “There were less days below freezing last winter.” Just listen or watch for all of the misuses of these two words by professional media and advertising folks. I’d prefer they at least get the basics of grammar correct, and perhaps I’d have fewer complaints!
I know that our English language is constantly changing, but there are certain things I believe should be left alone, traditionalist that I am! And anyone not seeing it my way should be thrown under the bus! :)

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